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Ben has been performing live electronic music and DJing since 1999 - his style brings dark and twisted cutting edge sounds and rhythms to the dancefloor.

Ben has performed up and down both coasts of the United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, New York, Charlotte, Miami) and throughout much of the United Kingdom (London, Plymouth, Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich, Dublin) alongside artists such as: Tipper, Richard Devine, EVAC, Ion Driver, Phoenecia, Monolake, L'usine, Proem, Transparent Sound, Deru, Anthony Rother, Single Cell Orchestra, Andrea Parker, Funkstorung and ADJ to name just a few. He spent a number of years performing as part of the Experimental Liquor Museum, a small collective of Djs and producers mostly based in Los Angeles.

Ben's original music has been released in both vinyl and digital formats by a number of different record labels including Outside Recordings (Charlotte, NC), Touchin' Bass (London, UK), Bot Records (San Francisco, CA), the Designed Disorder (Los Angeles, CA), Buried In Time (Portland, OR), Pyramid Transmissions (London, UK), Acre Recordings (Edinburgh, UK), and Cartesian Binary (Portland, OR).

Live performance review:
Ben Milstein is an electro breaks robot master. My mind was blown wide open and tweaked in many different directions for the entire set. I was subconsciously transplanted with circuitry and turned into a robot. That is what I live for!

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